Discover “Premonitions,” an exhibit of digital works created by some 20 artists. Produced as part of the “I love working downtown” initiative, the exhibit reveals a heightened perception of current and future technological issues.

Experience a project in which art and technology come together in an immersive space in the heart of downtown. Prémonitions exhibits a selection of digital creations rooted in a heightened perception of technological issues related to humanity’s future.

Immersions & récits - Jusqu'au 17 juin

This installation features the work of some twenty local and international artists through a video program curated by Roxanne Arsenault and Caroline Douville. Through a variety of approaches, the artists rethink our society and the critical perspectives that lead us to question our future.

Installation by Nicolas Grenier – Du 6 juillet au 16 septembre

This installation, developed by Nicolas Grenier, questions our connection and our interactions with artificial intelligence. In a meditative room with immersive lighting, the artist encourages the audience to take part in the project by talking with a human and evolving incarnation of this technology. The installation’s accessibility provides an opportunity for the general public to interact with the most accessible and advanced form of artificial intelligence, GPT-3.

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